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NA® BAR HIGH PROTEIN - Chocolate & Raspberry  

High Protein is the optimal protein snack if you want to supply your muscles with high-quality protein and at the same time crave a crunchy protein bar.

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NA® BAR HIGH VEGAN PROTEIN - Chocolate & Banana  

High Vegan Protein is the optimal protein snack if you crave a crispy muesli bar rich in quality vegetable protein between meals or after your workout.

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NA® Protein Drink Plant-based – is the world's first vegan protein drink that provides over 20g of high-quality plant-based protein per serving that is very well tolerated and tastes great. This drink embodies the new generation of “milk” protein drinks.

+ CHF4.10

NA® SPORTS WATER BOOST - Brazilian lime & Pineapple  

NA® Sports Water – BOOST helps you train with maximum intensity. Caffeine, the amino acids L-arginine, L-citrulline and L-tyrosine, as well as taurine and niacin ensure a good pump and a lot of energy during training.

+ CHF4.10


Isotonic thirst quencher with long and short chain carbohydrates, sodium and magnesium. Lightly sweetened, naturally flavored. For the supply of water, electrolytes and energy during training.

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NA® SPORTS WATER SHAPE - Madagascan Watermelon  

Bioactive collagen peptides, vitamin C and L-carnitine support figure training. L-carnitine is a molecule that plays an essential role in energy metabolism. Vitamin C is a co-factor in connective tissue synthesis and bioactive collagen peptides stimulate own collagen production.

+ CHF4.10

NA® WHEY PROTEIN WATER - Barbados Pink Grapefruit  

The optimal drink to increase muscle protein synthesis. Quickly digestible whey protein, sourced from European grass-fed cows, provides an immediate supply of essential amino acids.