What is BOKA?

We are a weekly ready-to-eat meal delivery service. Choose each week the dishes you want to eat the following week, we cook them and deliver them to your door so you can focus on the essentials!

How does it works ?

Each week you have until Monday night to choose from the menu of the week what you want to eat the following week. You will receive an insulated box containing your dishes made in vacuum-packed trays. Follow the instructions on the box for the conservation and consumption of your dishes.

How is billing done?

We offer payment by Credit Card. It allows you to order quickly and efficiently. The price of our meals evolve according to the ingredients used and are bound to evolve downwards, as soon as our order volumes increase. Our delivery costs are fixed and allow you to order between 1 and 10 meals for the same price.

Where do the products come from? Are they fresh?

We use only fresh and local products for the preparation of our dishes. We systematically favor local and national producers, but in order to offer a fair and reasonable price, it is not always possible to respect this motivation. For the sake of transparency, you can find the origins of all our products on the instruction sheet for your order.

What to do with the garbage ?

You can discard the cardboard along with the paper and cardboard. You can empty the ice packs in the sink once it has returned to a liquid state (the content is not toxic). Finally, throw the bag and the trays in the non-recyclable waste bin. We are constantly working on more ethical and less cumbersome solutions, but food-related health constraints remain our priority.

How do I manage my order?

Thanks to your personal Post Login (to be configured on the Swiss Post website) and the tracking code sent by the Post Office the day before it is sent, you can access the tracking of your parcel at any time and program its distribution easily.

What is the digital wallet ?

The "digital balance" is a digital wallet, it serves several purposes, for anyone wanting to pay other than by credit card, by recharging it by Twint, bank transfer or cash. In addition, all refunds and "cashback" (automatic discount of 2% on your purchases) are sent to the digital wallet, as well as bonuses when you refer a friend and gifts on your birthday.

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